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How Great a Love: Faith, Forgiveness, and the Father

My first book is officially available for purchase! It’s all about God’s great affection for each of us. He is our father, and we are his children. I share stories from scripture and my life to illustrate just how deeply we are loved by the Divine.

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Early Praise

“One of the deepest needs we have as humans is to know that we are loved. And all of us have moments when we feel utterly unloved. In How Great a Love, Kyle Smith intertwines his own story with some of the most loved stories of Scripture in order to make clear to the reader the foundational affirmation of the Christian faith: ‘You are loved.’ A touching and heartfelt book.”

—Adam Hamilton, pastor and author of The Lord’s Prayer: The Meaning and Power of the Prayer Jesus Taught

“How Great a Love passionately shares a journey that discovers, examines, and makes known the very present and unimaginable breadth and depth of God’s love. Kyle powerfully integrates experience with Scripture to examine his understanding of God. He invites the reader to discover that Christ’s work is not about rejection but about God, who, out of a love that will not let us go, claims us and names us as Mine, freeing us for new life.”

—Sandra L. Steiner Ball, Resident Bishop, West Virginia Conference, the United Methodist Church

“This is a beautiful testimony of the real experience of God’s love. It evoked a lot of great reactions in me, emotionally and intellectually, which I appreciate.”

Joe Hill, Conference Superintendent, Midland South District

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