“How Precious Did That Grace Appear”

“How precious did that grace appear, the hour I first believed.” If you have attended church with any consistency over the course of your life, then you have probably sung that line dozens of times. It, of course, is from what is perhaps the most famous hymn of all time, Amazing Grace. That song hasContinue reading ““How Precious Did That Grace Appear””

Down the Rabbit Hole

I have always found the story of David fascinating. From his initial anointing to be king, to his slaying of Goliath, and eventually to his prosperous reign over Israel. Everything about David’s kingship was how you would imagine a God-honoring king would lead Israel. In fact, in 1 Samuel 13:14, God calls David “A manContinue reading “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Little Children, Love One Another

I was sitting in my office today getting ready to write my blog post for this week when I heard the woman filling in for our office manager ask, “Who was the last disciple to die?” My ears perked up because not only did I know the answer but I also have a lot ofContinue reading “Little Children, Love One Another”