Failure for Christ

Innovation is the buzz word going around our church right now. A few weeks ago, at our annual conference, the bishop challenged all the United Methodist churches in our state to be innovative with how we reach out to others. Unfortunately, one of the issues with a lot of churches (not just United Methodist) is thatContinue reading “Failure for Christ”

The Open Door

My wife and I love animals. We can’t imagine living life without having pets. I had a dog before Ali and I met. Since we’ve been together, we’ve adopted two cats. Our male cat, Ralphie, isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s loving and affectionate, but he isn’t smart. We have been hesitant toContinue reading “The Open Door”

A Change of Heart

Much like almost everyone in West Virginia, I have been impacted by the heroin epidemic that is destroying the state that I love. I have had friends, family, and classmates that have become addicts. My best friend growing up lost his life because he couldn’t put down the needle. I am not a unique storyContinue reading “A Change of Heart”