A Caribbean Mansion

My wife and I got back from our honeymoon a few days ago. It was an incredible trip where we got to see parts of the world that we had never seen before. We did a Caribbean cruise that went to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Grand Turk. Getting to lookContinue reading “A Caribbean Mansion”

What Have You Been Appointed To?

What is the thing that Jesus wants the most from His followers? That’s a loaded question that can go a million different ways. I’m sure that we can all come up with what we think He wants from us. Last week, I was reading about when Jesus appointed His twelve disciples in Mark 3, and I learnedContinue reading “What Have You Been Appointed To?”

Christmas Joy

Excitement fills the air this time of year. We are less than a week from Christmas day! You are probably finished with most of the hustle and bustle of decorating, shopping, baking, planning, etc. Now, anticipation builds as we are moving closer and closer to the big day. I’m usually not that excited for ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas Joy”