Love Beyond Yourself

In case you’re not aware, it’s 2018. Another new year is upon us, and we’re left wondering where in the world did 2017 go. The new year always offers us the hope that it’s going to be better than the last. We all enter 2018 with a clean canvas and have the opportunity to paintContinue reading “Love Beyond Yourself”

A Drop in the Ocean

We were talking about the general state of the world last week in the Bible study that I’m in. The overall feeling of the group is that the world is falling apart. I don’t necessarily agree with this view, not because I think the world is in great shape but because I believe that theContinue reading “A Drop in the Ocean”

Little Children, Love One Another

I was sitting in my office today getting ready to write my blog post for this week when I heard the woman filling in for our office manager ask, “Who was the last disciple to die?” My ears perked up because not only did I know the answer but I also have a lot ofContinue reading “Little Children, Love One Another”