Not Good Enough

One of the issues in which I have found that most people struggle with is the thought that they are not good enough. That can spill over into pretty much every aspect of life. Unfortunately, one of the areas that it will affect is our spiritual life. We know that God calls us to liveContinue reading “Not Good Enough”

A Change of Heart

Much like almost everyone in West Virginia, I have been impacted by the heroin epidemic that is destroying the state that I love. I have had friends, family, and classmates that have become addicts. My best friend growing up lost his life because he couldn’t put down the needle. I am not a unique storyContinue reading “A Change of Heart”

The Not Good Enough

Have you ever stopped and thought about the people in the Bible that God used to make a significant impact on the world? There are some names that are going to come to all of our minds. Think of all of the people who played a major role in shaping God’s kingdom. The ones whoseContinue reading “The Not Good Enough”