When God Says No

                       Prayer is a tricky thing. The concept that we have access to the God that created all things is more than we can possibly wrap our minds around. We get to call on the one that is all-powerful to intercede in our lives on our behalf. It truly is one of the mysteries ofContinue reading “When God Says No”

A Drop in the Ocean

We were talking about the general state of the world last week in the Bible study that I’m in. The overall feeling of the group is that the world is falling apart. I don’t necessarily agree with this view, not because I think the world is in great shape but because I believe that theContinue reading “A Drop in the Ocean”

Prayer Changes Everything

I walked into my kitchen on Sunday night and looked at the shelf where I keep the coffee mugs. My fiancée, Ali, has begun to move things into the house so that the transition of her moving in once we’re married will be smooth. Between the two of us, we own roughly 483 coffee mugsContinue reading “Prayer Changes Everything”