A New Pair of Glasses

I was long overdue for a new pair of glasses. It had been over three years since I had my eyes tested and I could tell that I was need of an exam. After going through the testing and the joy of having my eyes dilated, I sat down with the glasses salesperson​. I landedContinue reading “A New Pair of Glasses”

What Have You Been Appointed To?

What is the thing that Jesus wants the most from His followers? That’s a loaded question that can go a million different ways. I’m sure that we can all come up with what we think He wants from us. Last week, I was reading about when Jesus appointed His twelve disciples in Mark 3, and I learnedContinue reading “What Have You Been Appointed To?”

Start Digging

If you were in my youth group, then you would have heard me say the same phrase over and over again, “Read your Bible!” I find reading scripture to be of the utmost importance. In my opinion, it is the most essential discipline that you can do in your walk with Christ. I firmly believeContinue reading “Start Digging”